I hoard two things: animals, and internet content (mostly animal-related).

Note: The five furry turds I live with are all vaccinated, licensed, and spoiled rotten. No need to call Animal Control. But I appreciate you lookin’ out, fam.

I don’t know what everyone else’s desktops, Downloads folders, and saved lists on reddit look like, but I’m about 76% sure they don’t look like mine, because my biz is legit out of hand. Naturally, I have a theory about this, because I’m an amateur brainologist with a lot of time on her hands:

My content hoarding is an attempt to build an external system for cementing and retrieving memories out of cat photos, recipes for potato salad, and whatever the fuck this is:


Because my brain don’t always work right, my memory is spotty at best, and it sometimes feels like my past is…hollow. Like, I can only remember about 3-4 minutes of my wedding day. Not ceremony. DAY. I remember hanging out with my brother while I was getting my hair done; pulling into the driveway; putting on tights; walking up the aisle; getting a photo taken; a few flashes of chatting with friends and family. Aaaaaaaaand that’s it. I know I was over the moon and that it was a lovely day, but all that’s in my head is blurry photos, which makes it hard to remember what things felt like.

I’m way more likely to hold onto memories of emotional events than regular ol’ life stuff. And thank god, because I once had a friend remind me that I used to be roommates with a girl after I said I didn’t really know her that well. I’m a giant, half-Korean goldfish, so I save things to build a memory that lives outside my head. Not physical things; I love not owning stuff, and if I weren’t sharing a home with the husb, I’d probably be back to that “I can fit all my earthly possessions in a Ford Focus” life. But any piece of content that helps me mark a moment in time, I keep – just in case I want to get back into that headspace later.

I’ll spare y’all the weird articles, editorials, schematics, and papers, and share some of the images I’ve considered saveworthy over the past month or so:

Ok – I’mma go. I have about two hours to figure out how makeup works, so I can look fly as hell at the office holiday party tonight.



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